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CAPTCHA Requirements

The CAPTCHA Turin test built into phpCOIN requires:

  • PHP 4/5
  • GD libraries installed and enabled
  • FreeType libraries installed and enabled

To test the CAPTCHA enter

into a browser and see if the CAPTCHA image is displayed. If it is not, and you get an error message instead - check the above requirements have been met or substitute the CAPTCHA code for some other Turin test that does work with whatever libraries your webserver has installed.

Quick Fix

If you did see the image in the test above, it is possible that you are not seeing the image on the Contact Us form because it uses a relative path rather than an absolute path. If you have phpCOIN v1.2.8 or v1.3.0 you can edit /coin_modules/mail/mail_funcs.php around line 437. Change

$_cstr .= '<img src="coin_addons/captcha/CaptchaSecurityImages.php">'.$_nl;

To this

$_cstr .= '<img src="'.$_CCFG['_PKG_URL_ADDONS'].'captcha/CaptchaSecurityImages.php">'.$_nl;


If making the quick fix did not solve your issue, you can disable the captcha:

  • In phpCOIN v1.4.0 or higher, simply delete or rename the /coin_addons/captcha directory.
  • In phpCOIN v1.3.1 or lower the quickest way is to change two lines in /coin_modules/mail/mail_funcs.php

Around line 53 and line 427 change:

IF (extension_loaded('gd')) {


IF (extension_loaded('gd') && defined('CAPTCHA')) {

Since the constant 'CAPTCHA' is not defined, phpCOIN will not attempt to use CAPTCHA on the "Contact Us" form, nor will it attempt to validate the captcha

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