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phpCOIN has a "client groups" facility whose purpose is to allow you to "group" your clients, so you can deal with a sub-set of your clients for specific functions. For instance, each product can be set to be visible only to members of a specific group, and the "email client" function can also send a message to every client assigned to a specified group.

Due to bit-manipulation logic on a byte, phpCOIN supports eight groups ~ no more and no less. You can use anywhere from zero to eight groups simply by assigning a name to the desired number of groups. For instance, I have "staff", "hosting" and "accounting" groups ~ with products viewable only by those group members, in addition to products viewable by everyone.

The names for the groups are set in an array in the file /coin_lang/lang_english/lang_base.php and can be named whatever you want them to be called, as you can see from the names that I use.

 # User Groups:
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_08'] = 'Group 8';
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_07'] = 'Group 7';
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_06'] = 'Group 6';
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_05'] = 'Group 5';
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_04'] = 'Group 4';
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_03'] = 'Accounting';
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_02'] = 'Hosting';
   $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_01'] = 'Staff';
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