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Just like any business, you may have had customers in the past who are no longer customers, or you have customers who you do not want to do further business with. To handle this situation, phpCOIN has a "status" flag that can be assigned to each client.

  • When a new customer is created during the order process, phpCOIN will set their status to be whatever you selected at [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [ordering] -> [clients] -> [Orders: Client Status on Create ]
  • Only a client with status "Active" can login to phpCOIN.
  • For phpCOIN v1.2.8 and lower, if you are using a non-English language you must also edit config.php so phpCOIN knows what the text for "active" should be:
 # Client 'Active' Status string. MUST match $_CCFG['CL_STATUS'][1] in the lang_config.php file
 	$_CCFG['_PKG_STR_ACTIVE'] = 'active';
  • For phpCOIN v1.2.9 and higher, $_CCFG['CL_STATUS'][1] in the lang_config.php file is always considered as "active", regardless of what text you choose to use.

If you are running a non-English version of phpCOIN less than v1.3.1, any clients created while phpCOIN was in "English" will not be able to login until you edit their status so the text matches $_CCFG['CL_STATUS'][1] in the lang_config.php file.

Beginning with v1.3.1, phpCOIN considers any client status with the word "active" or that matches $_CCFG['CL_STATUS'][1] as active, so changing languages from English to any other after adding a few clients is no longer an issue.

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