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To edit your company infomation, log into phpCOIN as an admin, then click [Admin] then [Parameters] then select [Group: user] and [Sub-Group: all] from the drop-down lists. A quicker method of getting to this screen is clicking [Contact Us] and then the "wrench" icon next to the section title.

   Throughout phpCOIN, the "wrench" icon is a single-click shortcut to editing the relevant parameters for
   whatever section the wrench is near or in.  The Parameters Section has a number of important areas that
   you should familiarize yourself with.  Please review them and be careful only to edit something after you
   know why it needs to be changed.

The company information fields are:

  Company Info 01: Name What a client should put on a cheque :)
  Company Info 02: Address Line 01 An address, usually a street or PO Box number
  Company Info 03: Address Line 02 A second address line, used for a suite number for instance
  Company Info 04: City
  Company Info 05: State/Prov
  Company Info 06: Postal Code
  Company Info 07: Country
  Company Info 08: Phone No.
  Company Info 09: FAX  If you have one
  Company Info 11: Toll Free Number If you have one
  Company Info 10: Tax Number OR 'Fiscal Number' or 'Business Registration ID' or whatever you need
  Company Info 12: TagLine A catchy phrase that phpCOIN can use on the website, invoices and emails.
  Display On Contact Form: Whether or not to display this information on the 'Contact Us' form, in
  addition to the email form.

When displaying information, phpCOIN is smart enough to display text such as 'Fax:' before a fax number and 'Toll Free' before a Toll-free number. It is also smart enough to not display anything (pre-text or punctuation) for fields that do not have a value

If Your Address Changes

phpCOIN will always use this info to display/email/print an order, invoice, etc. But if your address has changed, you do NOT want the old invoices to display this new information. Fortunately, phpCOIN has a solution: Seller Address Changes

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