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During normal phpCOIN operations you have defined a bunch of products and services that a client can select from the "order" list. Most of the time that works fine, but sometimes a client may want something that is not in your standard product list.

The COR (Custom Order Request) form allows a client to enter their custom requirements. The client is added to the database if they do not already exist, but no order or invoice or any other record is created yet. Instead, you receive an email with the Custom Order Request details ~ whereupon you decide whether or not you want the order.

If you do want the order:

  • Create a new product to match what the client wants, and set it to be viewable only by that client
  • Email the client to advise the price and availability of the new product, and include the link to the new product so they can come back and order that product.
  • If they return and order the new product, the domain record, order, invoice, etc. will be created the same as a regular order ~ because at this point in time, it is a regular order

If you do not want this order, you simply send the client a note declining their order ~ or pricing it to be too expensive for them :)

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