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The user must go through the entire product/payment selection/client info process. The best the site-owner can do is to "pre-select" some data for the client, either as GET parameters of a hyperlink, or as hidden form fields:
  • product (ord_prod_id=XXX where XXX is the record id of the desired product).
  • referrer (ord_referred_by=XXX)
  • payment method (ord_vendor_id=XXX)
  • domain name (ord_domain=XXX)

To skip the first screen (select product, accept TOS, etc.), you MUST ALSO set ALL of the following:
  • Accept TOS (ord_accept_tos=1)
  • Accept AUP (ord_accept_aup=1)
  • hidden field "stage" (stage=1)
  • The "continue" button (b_continue=1)

To goto the Custom Order Request Form before the client info screen, you must set both the COR flag and the COR button fields:
  • cor_flag=1
  • b_cor=1

To pre-fill some of the client-info screen data, use:
  • Company (ord_company=XXX)
  • First Name (ord_name_first=XXX)
  • Last Name (ord_name_last=XXX)
  • Address 1 (ord_addr_01=XXX)
  • Address 2 (ord_addr_02=XXX)
  • city, phone, fax, etc are all done like this

Note that there MUST be NO spaces in any of the data elements, or phpCOIN WILL truncate the data as a hack attempt. Note also that none of the client info is necessary if the client is logged-in, because phpCOIN will automatically pre-fill every field for which it has client address data.

SO...... To pre-select product 5 with payment by vendor 3 and referred by cantex and go straight to the "client info screen", you need (all on one line, broken here only for clarity)

<a href="
">Order Product 5</a>

While almost all parameters are available, use only what you need in the link. In the following sample, product_id and vendor_id are set but nothing else. This will leave the client at the first screen where they MUST check the TOS/AUP checkboxes and hit "continue" (because you did not "check" them and the "continue" button in your link).

<a href="
">Order product XXX</a>
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