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Welcome to the manual for phpCOIN, where you can learn how to use (and abuse) phpCOIN.

The section titles are by no means complete ~ feel free to add sections, and add or edit content. With your help, this site can become a manual that we can all be proud of. To those folks who have been adding and updating documentation (and deleting spam links) to help make this site useful to other phpCOIN users, "thank you" :)

If you provide a link to another website as part of something you write, be aware that links containing "affiliate" codes are not allowed. This site exists to help everyone use phpCOIN, not for some to earn extra income from user clicking "affiliate" links.


If you are unsure about anything in this manual, ask a question on the phpCOIN Support Forums or play on the phpCOIN Demo Site. The demo site resets to a default database at 22 minutes past each hour, so feel free to change absolutely anything.

About phpCOIN


Installation and Upgrade




Add-on Modules


Technical Information

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