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phpCOIN has several pre-built Mail Templates and obviously room to add more (but at this time only the default templates will be used unless you hack source-code). Here is the list you get at [Admin] -> [Mail Templates]:

     1 email_password_reset 
     2 email_contact_form 
     3 email_contact_client_form 
     4 email_profile_copy  
     5 email_order_ack 
     6 email_order_copy 
     7 email_trans_ack 
     8 email_invoice_copy 
     9 email_invoice_copy_singleline 
     10 email_domain_acc_activate 
     11 email_helpdesk_tt_update 
     12 email_helpdesk_tt_alert 
     13 email_custom_order_request 

To edit a template, select it from the drop-down list. Let us select the #1 - the email_password_reset template:

The Edit Mail Templates Entry (all fields required)  
  Template ID:  1  
  Name:  email_password_reset (for listing purposes, and so phpCOIN can find specific templates)
  Text:  Hello $_MTP[username],
         The following email from $_MTP[from_email] was triggered from a request to reset the password for this user name.
         The new password is: $_MTP[password]
         Please note the password has been reset. 
         If you did not request the password change, we apologize for the inconvenience.
         As a reminder, you can go to the following link to login and change you password.
         $_MTP[site] Support

As you can see it pulls a number of variables from the database to personalize the e-mail to your client. The only thing that really should be edited is the Text of the e-mail.

You may also view complete details on the variables available to each template built-in to phpCOIN.

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