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When phpCOIN needs to send an email message, the normal procedure is to simply pass the email message to php for delivery, with php sending the message according to whatever method it is configured to use. If php does not report an error, then phpCOIN assumes that everything was OK. If php does report an error it does not say what the error was, so all phpCOIN can do is report that the message could not be delivered.

Within phpCOIN are several settings that you need to configure to ensure proper email operation.

Do the site addresses exist that phpCOIN needs to use?

Admin -> eMail Contacts

The four mail addresses sales, orders, support and webmaster must exist, although they can point to the same actual email address

Did you enable email sending, and disable "Test" mode so emails will actually be sent rather than simulated? "Test Mode" was removed in phpCOIN v1.4.0

Admin -> Parameters -> common -> operation -> Package Email Out Disable: NO
Admin -> Parameters -> common -> operation -> Package Mode Enable- Test: NO

Does your email-server balk at emails in "Full Name" <> format and insist on <> only?

Admin -> Parameters -> common -> package -> Safe Email Address

Did you set a "fallback" address in case one of the other site addresses cannot be found?

Admin -> Parameters -> common -> package -> Package Email (default)

Did you correctly configure email operation in config.php?

# Mailserver settings
$_SMTP['AUTHENTICATED'] = 0;                   // Should be set to 0 for un-authenticated mail
                                               // and the following fields left alone, or
                                               // 1 for authenticated mail, in which case the
                                               // following fields must also be set:
$_SMTP['HOST']	= '';	// FQDN or IP Address of your mailserver
$_SMTP['LOCALHOST']  = '';	// name of machine sending email, for HELO
$_SMTP['ACC']	= '';     // mailserver user name
$_SMTP['PASS']	= 'yourpassword';	        // mailserver user password

The majority of email-servers do not require an authenticated smtp session, so the default will work. If your email-server does not require authenticated smtp and you set config.php to use authenticated smtp, the email-server will probably refuse the session so your email will not be sent. Conversely, if your email server does require an authenticated smtp session, then the settings must be changed to match your settings, or again email will not be sent.

If you still are not getting any emails sent, consult your php and email-server logs for error messages. Only the error logs can pinpoint what the problem is, so posting to the phpCOIN Support Forums without the logs is a waste of time.

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