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Unless your business is just starting out, chances are that you will already have some customers and orders before you install and configure phpCOIN. Naturally, you would like to get that information into phpCOIN.

The absolute easiest way is to pretend that you are a customer and place an order. For each order entered, phpCOIN will automatically create the customer record (if necessary) and the domain record (if necessary) and the order record and the invoice record.

After entering the order, login as an admin and edit the domain record as necessary. Set the registration and hosting start and expiry dates, and resource limits.

Then edit the invoice to make it recurring: yes, status: pending, and set the date(s) to be a couple of weeks before the next invoice is due. This step means that when it is time to renew, phpCOIN will change this invoice to "due" and email it to the client. Add or edit items on the invoice as necessary.

View the order, and change the status as necessary. If you need to enter more orders for this client, logout as admin and login as the client, then place additional orders until done. Again, login as admin and edit the order/domains/invoices as necessary.

Repeat this procedure for each client in turn, until you have all their orders and domains entered and edited, ands have set the invoices up for recurring processing.

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