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The HelpDesk listing can be viewed by a logged-in admin, or by a logged-in client. It allows an admin to see a listing of all your support tickets in one place, while a client can see all their own support tickets in one place.

You can specify how may support tickets should be listed per page via [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [layout] -> [helpdesk] -> [List: Items Per Page]

You can also specify whether or not the client name will be displayed on HelpDesk Listings when viewed by an admin. The option is chosen via [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [layout] -> [helpdesk] -> [List: Show Client Name]

The default listing sort is by Record ID in DESCending order. You can edit the source code to change what the sort is, as well as the order. In file /coin_modules/helpdesk/helpdesk_funcs.php find the function do_select_listing_tickets(). Within that function is the following code block:

# Set Order ASC / DESC part of sort
	IF (!$adata['so'])		{$adata['so'] = 'D';}
	IF ($adata['so'] == 'A')	{$order_AD = ' ASC';}
	IF ($adata['so'] == 'D')	{$order_AD = ' DESC';}

Set the first line to A or D, depending on whether you want ASCending or DESCending sort

Immediately below that block is:

# Set Sort orders
	IF (!$adata['sb'])		{$adata['sb'] = '1';}
	IF ($adata['sb'] == '1')	{$_order = ' ORDER BY '.$_DBCFG['helpdesk'].'.hd_tt_id '
	IF ($adata['sb'] == '2')	{$_order = ' ORDER BY '.$_DBCFG['clients'].'.cl_name_last '
                                       .$order_AD.', '.$_DBCFG['clients'].'.cl_name_first '.$order_AD;}
	IF ($adata['sb'] == '3')	{$_order = ' ORDER BY '.$_DBCFG['helpdesk'].'
                                       .hd_tt_time_stamp '.$order_AD;}
	IF ($adata['sb'] == '4')	{$_order = ' ORDER BY '.$_DBCFG['helpdesk'].'.hd_tt_subject '
	IF ($adata['sb'] == '5')	{$_order = ' ORDER BY '.$_DBCFG['helpdesk'].'
                                       .hd_tt_priority '.$order_AD;}
	IF ($adata['sb'] == '6')	{$_order = ' ORDER BY '.$_DBCFG['helpdesk'].'.hd_tt_status '
	IF ($adata['sb'] == '7')	{$_order = ' ORDER BY '.$_DBCFG['helpdesk'].'.hd_tt_closed '

Set the first line to the number of the ORDER BY fields that you want.

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