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Basic Installation Procedure

To install phpCOIN, follow these steps:

  • Create an empty database and user on your MySQL server. Remember the database name, username and password ~ you will need them later.
  • Download phpCOIN to your desktop and check the MD5 signature against the one published in the file description, then unzip it, making sure to maintain the directory structure contained within the .zip file.
  • Open "config.php" in your favorite text editor. Edit the settings for the database name, username and password that you saved in step 1 above.
 $_DBCFG['dbuname']   = "username";     // User
 $_DBCFG['dbpass']    = "userpassword"; // Password
 $_DBCFG['dbname']    = "databasename"; // Database Name

The table prefix parameter can be edited to change the prefix string added to each table name. The remaining items should not need further adjustment, but may need adjustment depending on your server setup. Make sure that your editor does not save an extra line feed at the end of the file (make sure nothing comes after the final ?> in the file). Many times an editor adds an extra line-feed to the file and this will cause issues with php. Beginning with phpCOIN v1.2.6 we recommend that you use a config over-ride file instead of editing the built-in config.php file directly.

  • Some states require that businesses encrypt all transmissions of personal, identifiable information over the Internet. Check your local/state/federal/national or any other legislative authority to determine if you may need to run phpCOIN under an encrypted (https) environment.
  • Upload all the files to your http or https website as previously determined, making sure to maintain the directory structure. Upload images in binary mode, and all other files in ascii mode. The files can be uploaded to the root of your website, or into a sub-directory ~ your choice.
  • Open your favorite web-browser and browse to your website (or to the subdirectory on your website, depending on where you installed phpCOIN). phpCOIN will realize that it is not yet installed, and automatically redirect you to the setup procedure page.
  • Follow the prompts on-screen, and voila! phpCOIN is ready to use.
  • At the end of installation clicking the [Admin] button should log you into phpCOIN. If phpCOIN asks for a username and password after clicking the buttton, the username is 'webmaster' and the password is your database password that you used to install phpCOIN. The front page of your website also has this information.

Note For Fantastico Users

When you install phpCOIN through Fantastico, you will not manually edit config.php to enter the database username and password. Fantastico will do this for you "behind the scenes", and not tell you what the password is.

Security Note

Since the setup files are no longer needed, a prudent precaution would be to delete the /coin_setup folder and all contents.

Review the various file and folder permissions and, if necessary, set them to a value consistent with the best working security practice that your server environment will allow.


IF YOU FORCE SETUP.PHP TO RUN A SECOND TIME, IT WILL DELETE YOUR DATABASE AND OVERWRITE IT WITH A FRESH EMPTY DEFAULT DATABASE. phpCOIN will warn you that the database will be overwritten, and you must check the "Overwrite Database?" checkbox to proceed. phpCOIN does this so that if you mess-up big-time during the configuration phase, you can always re-start with a fresh database.

Ensure you apply any HotFixs that might be applicable to your installation

Automated Processes

To run the automated processes (auto-invoice, auto-nag overdue, etc.), you will need to setup cron jobs.


Now that phpCOIN is installed, you need to configure it to suit your needs, products and services.

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