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A blank white screen in a php application almost always indicates a php parsing error, especially in an "included" file.

In phpCOIN, it usually indicates either

  • File Corruption ~ re-download the files and try again, or
  • Whitespace ~ one or more of your files have "whitespace" introduced. Several file editors add a carriage return at the end of a file, especially config.php Check that when opened in an editor, the cursor can only goto the same line as the final ?> characters and not to a line below them.
  • Syntax Error ~ When you made a change to a file, you introduced a syntax error without realizing it.

If you are using phpCOIN v1.4.0 or higher with an add-on or theme written for phpCOIN v1.3.1 or lower, your theme or add-on may be trying to make a deprecated function call. You can either modify the theme/add-on according to the /coin_docs/readme.txt file, or the quickest way is in config.php set $_CCFG['ENABLE_COMPATIBILITY_MODE'] to 1

One other possibility on linux systems is permissions issues on the web-server. Sometimes the .zip file of phpCOIN contains rw-rw-rw permissions, caused by using Windows to make the .zip Some linux systems, instead of changing the permissions to be correct when the files are uploaded to your server, simply refuse to run with those permissions.

phpCOIN itself does not care what the permissions are, but for security we recommend r-r-r

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