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Sometimes a database query results in a MySQL error.

phpCOIN was originally designed to show the invalid query on-screen to aid in debugging, but one person thought this procedure was a security risk due to disclosure of database table names and structure. We feel that because the structure of the database is freely available to everyone who downloads phpCOIN, including hackers, this is not a valid concern.

Nevertheless, the "issue" was posted on security advisory sites so we were forced to change how phpCOIN operates. Now, when a MySQL query results in an error instead of the actual invalid query you will see a generic error message that tells you how to determine the real error

 Database Error
 Unable to complete operation due to an invalid MySQL query. Admin should
 edit config.php and set -->> $_CCFG[_debug_queries] = 1 <<-- then try
 this operation again.

That message is not very useful when you are trying to debug an issue, so to enable the actual invalid query to be displayed on-screen do what it says ~ edit config.php and find the line:

$_CCFG[_debug_queries] = 0

and change it to:

$_CCFG[_debug_queries] = 1

Now invalid queries will show the actual query on-screen again.

After you have finished debugging, return the parameter to it's original state.

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