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How do we set an invoice for each client, ahead of time, and leave it there so it will be sent on time automatically?

  1. Create the first invoice
  2. Set the invoice date to the desired issue date
  3. Set "recurring" to yes
  4. Set "status" to pending
  5. Set "delivered" to no and set "delivery method" to email

When the time comes for the invoice to be issued (pending now), phpCOIN will email it to the customer, change the status to "due", and auto-create the next invoice ~ ready to be sent when due.

Will it be sent every month (if client is paying per month) automatically? Or must I re-send it every time?

Invoices will be created and sent automatically if you followed the instructions above.

Can I have the recurring invoice function ONLY copy PAID invoices?

Yes - look in the file ~/coin_modules/invoices/invoices_admin.php for the function do_auto_invoice_copy() and uncomment the line starting '# $query.......' as instructed within the file.

What is the normal automatic invoice operating procedure?

Assuming that an invoice is marked as "recurring: yes" and "recur. processed: no", there are two ways that phpCOIN will automatically copy an invoice into a new invoice.

If [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [cronjobs] -> [invoices] -> [Invoice Auto-Copy: Delay] is set to NO, the new invoice will be created by immediately copying this invoice into a new invoice. You may not want a pending invoice in the system for up to a year ~ I certainly do not, and if your invoices must be in date/numerical sequence as our European friends must have, neither do you.

If [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [cronjobs] -> [invoices] -> [Invoice Auto-Copy: Delay] is set to YES, phpCOIN does not auto-copy a new invoice immediately, but waits until it is almost time to issue the new invoice. How close to the new invoice date? [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [cronjobs] -> [invoices] -> [Invoice Auto-Copy: Days Out to Copy] days ahead of the new issue date.

The defaults for phpCOIN are YES and 14, which means wait until 14 days before a new invoice would be due to auto-copy it. When created set it to pending, and on the actual invoice date phpCOIN will set it to due and email a notice to the client. To use some actual dates to help explain it:
  • Suppose that I have a client who signs up today (2008-04-01) for annual hosting.
  • On 2009-03-16 phpCOIN will auto-create a new invoice by copying the invoice from 2008-04-01, and setting the new invoice to pending. I can see it, but the client cannot unless I set the switch. I have 14 days to make any necessary adjustments.
  • On 2009-04-01 the new invoice will be changed to "due" and emailed to the client.
  • On 2009-04-06 phpCOIN will send a "Soon Due" reminder (halfway between the invoice issue and due dates)
  • On 2009-04-11 the new invoice will be marked overdue", and nag emails will start being sent to the client. My terms are net 10 days, hence overdue as invoice issued plus 10
  • On 2010-03-16 a new invoice will be auto-created by copying the invoice from 2009-04-01, and setting the new invoice to pending, and the cycle repeats into infinity

Can we copy invoices and just change the client in each invoice?


How do I edit future recurring invoices? This change should not effect any of the existing invoices, only newly created invoices.?

It is best to stop recurring, and to create a new invoice. Edit the recurring invoice and set it to NOT recur anymore, then create a new pending invoice dated for the next issue date as detailed in the first step above.

How do you stop a recurring invoice?

Edit the invoice, and set "recurring: NO"

How do I change the invoice email subject?

In /coin_lang/lang_english/lang_invoices.php at the very bottom is a string to change, along with a lengthy explanation of various variables that you can use in the string. But if you edit the strings here, future updates to phpCOIN will overwrite your changes, so it is best to make your changes to an over-ride file

Can I have my Company logo in my Invoice?

Yes. Just upload your own logo named as invoice_logo.gif or invoice_logo.jpg in /coin_images (for phpCOIN v1.3.1 and lower) or /coin_themes/xxxxx/images (for phpCOIN v1.4.0 and higher) and phpCOIN will find and use the logo automatically

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