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phpCOIN is designed to be displayed in a three column layout. You have total control over what goes in the left and right columns, but by default and common internet usage the left column would normally contain menus and major links, the center column would be the main content, and the right column would be something like Google AdSense. Some output is too wide to easily fit into a narrow three column layout, so phpCOIN gives granular control over the display of columns on a site-wide basis then on a module basis, and even further on an an individual output page basis.

Admin -> Parameters -> theme -> layout -> Disable Menu Columns (Left / Right): controls whether or not the left and right columns are enabled site-wide.

Admin -> Components -> xxxxxx -> No. Columns: determines whether a particular module has left and/or right and/or no columns. The setting can be for the entire module, or it can be for a sub-set of a module.

For example, setting the "pages" module as follows:

Type: module
Name: pages
No. Columns: None

Means that NO columns will display for ALL "pages" output.

But if we DO want "pages" record_id 5 only to display a left column, we need to add another component record identical to the "pages" one displayed above, but with the desired column(s) enabled and the MOD as the record ID desired, like so:

Type: module
Name: pages
Mod: 5
No. Columns: Left Column

As each module/action is preparing to be displayed on-screen, if columns are enabled site-wide then phpCOIN checks the components table for the closest match to the module name/action/record_id/etc. about to be displayed, and uses that record to control column display, user access, and browser title-bar title.

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