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In phpCOIN each order has a "status". The default statuses built-in to phpCOIN are:


These settings have no influence over how phpCOIN runs, and phpCOIN makes no use of them whatsoever. They are there purely so you can track the status of an order, using whatever criteria you choose each setting to represent. For example:

Company A is a web hosting company with all sales paid as cash or bank transfer
Company B sells CD's and uses paypal to accept payment on order

The "pending" status may mean different things to the above companies:

Company A uses this to mean that they received an order, but have not decided to accept it yet.
Combany B uses this to mean that they received the order and were paid for it, but have not yet
passed the order to the warehouse for processing.

The "active" status could mean:

Company A uses this to indicate an order for recurring web hosting that is still running.
Company B uses this to indicate the order is in process in the warehouse but has not yet been dispatched.

The "completed" status could mean:

Company A uses this to show an old order for web hosting ~ the customer is no longer a customer.
Company B uses this to indicate the order was shipped.

Because the various statuses mean something to you but not to phpCOIN, you are free to add more statuses, change existing statuses, or delete some statuses as you see fit. Look for the $_CCFG['ORD_STATUS'] array in /coin_lang/lang_xxxxx/lang_config.php

Analyze your business model and decide what statuses you want to use to represent each part of your order process that the order has reached.

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