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Nag Email Capability

phpCOIN has the capability to automatically 'nag' overdue customers via email, meaning that you do not have to remember to chase late-paying customers.

When the 'Invoices' cron-job is run once a day, phpCOIN will look at all 'unpaid' invoices and the due date. If an invoice is unpaid and overdue, phpCOIN will determine if the number if days overdue matches the number of days specified in an Admin -> Reminder Templates and if so, generate and send a 'nag' email.

By default, phpCOIN will send a nag email when an invoice is 1 day, 10 days, 20 days and 30 days overdue, with each reminder also sending a cc to "support" (so they can disable the website when necessary). You can change the default templates however you wish ~ less reminders, more reminders, different days, no cc to support ~ whatever your situation needs or wants.

Editing a Reminder Template

 Reminder ID:  4 (record_id, auto-generated by phpCOIN)

 Use It: YES (Whether or not this template will be used)

 Template Title:  1 Day Overdue (for listing purposes)

 Overdue Days:  1 (Send this reminder when an invoice is this many days overdue)

 Email Subject: A Gentle Reminder

 Message Contents:  Hello $_MTP[to_name];
 We realize that everyone gets busy and occasionally overlooks things.  
 Unfortunately, we appear to have been overlooked this time.
 This email is an automated notification that your account is now overdue, with an
 outstanding balance of $_MTP[cl_balance].
 You may check the status of your account by clicking on the following link (requires
 login): $_MTP[invc_url]
 We ask that you take action to bring your account up-to-date, as specified in our
 <a href="$_MTP[_PKG_URL_BASE]/mod.php?mod=siteinfo&id=7" target="_new">Terms Of
 Service</a> page.  
 If you have already made payment arrangements, we thank you for your diligence and
 apologize for this automated reminder.
 Thank you for continuing to choose $_MTP[Company_Name] for your web service needs.
 Respectfully Yours,
 Billing Department

 cc To Support: Yes (whether or not you want to receive a cc of the message.
 This is useful for informational purposes so you know who may be in danger of default,
 and also the support staff can disable the account when the last email is sent.

Unless you are creating a new reminder, notice the only thing to change is usually the text of the e-mail. Notice also the 'parameters' which will be replaced with actual values when the email is generated.

To add your own reminder, simply select the "Add New" button. Reminders can be set for whatever schedule you want, with more or less than the default schedule.

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