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phpCOIN is intended to be installed on a web-server, to function as a web-site. This means that a user can interact with a phpCOIN installation from any computer that has internet access. It is written in the php scripting language, and uses a MySQL database for storing information.

The general requirements for running the phpCOIN package on your server are as follows:

  • Server running *nix (Linux, Unix, BSD, Mac OS-X, etc.) operating system with Apache web-server. (Please Note: phpCOIN has NOT been developer-tested on any 'hardened' server environments. Users intending to deploy phpCOIN under such an environment should seek the advice of their server administrators. Regrettably, the phpCOIN developers are not in a position to assist users with these types of deployments or configurations.)

As from June 2010, we are no longer supporting phpCOIN on IIS or Windows ™ / Apache ™ servers - this doesn't necessarily mean that it wont install and run on IIS, just that we are not actively offering developer support for any Microsoft ™ platforms !

  • MySQL database (version 3.x or better recommended) and currently tested through Version 5.1.33, with some method of creating the initial database and user / password. In many cases, the free phpMyAdmin interface is provided by web-hosts.
  • php version 4.1.x (minimum) and currently tested through Version 5.2.9 (with register_globals on or off, with OFF recommended)
We have had a user report that phpCOIN v1.6.5 successfully installs on the following
*CentOS Linux 5.4
*Apache version 2.2.3
*mysql 5.1.40
*php52-mysql 5.2.11-3.ius.el5 module
*PHP Version 5.2.11
Tests with phpCOIN v1.6.5 on the following platform appear to provoke errors 
due to core changes in PHP 5.3:

*CentOS Linux 5.4
*Apache version 2.2.14
*mysql 5.1.41
*PHP Version 5.3.1

If you want to try running phpCOIN on a PHP 5.3.x platform, please see this forum topic for details
Please do NOT report bugs if you are attempting to install phpCOIN on any platform
that is not explicitly listed as successful in this doc.

  • sendmail or smtp server or equivalent email-handling modules.
  • Ability to FTP or upload the package files to your web-server. Note that when editing configuration files, the editor must support Unix line feeds. Most non-Windows editors will handle unix line feeds fine, but you should be aware of this requirement. See for an excellent editor or if you prefer, PSPad. You should also be aware that the cPanel editor usually removes line-endings, thereby messing up phpCOIN. Everything looks OK in the editor, but it isn't.
  • The browser requirements are generally any of the current latest versions due to the extensive usage of CSS (cascading style sheets).
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