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Product Basics

phpCOIN is pre-loaded with two sample products to give you an idea of how things work. You can change these sample products to reflect what you are going to sell, or delete them entirely.

Adding or Editing a Product

Click on Admin -> Products -> Sample Product 01 -> Edit. To add a new product, click 'Add New' instead of 'edit'.

Products Select: (2)
Prod Id: Status: Prod Name: Description:      Unit Cost: Client Scope:
1        On      whb001     Basic Web Hosting      5.00  All Visitors
2        On      ID-0002    Sample Product 02     29.95  All Visitors

All of the following changes can be made to this sample product:

  Product Id: 1 (record_id, auto-generate by phpCOIN)
  Status: On (whether or not this product is available to the order form)
  Name: The short name ie BWH for Basic Web Hosting
  Description: A description ie: Basic Web Hosting
  Unit Cost: What we are going to charge ie: $5.00
  Apply Tax 01-Tax 01: Yes or no (more about this later)
  Apply Tax 02-Tax 02: Yes or no (more about this later)
  Calc Tax 02 On Tax 01: Yes or no (more about this later)
  Client Scope: A product can be available to All Visitors, or only to
      Active Clients, or to a specific client only, or to people who are members
      of one or more specific groups.
  Groups: The groups that can order this product, if you selected 'Groups Defined'
      for 'Client Scope'
  Domain Type: Domain- Hosted (Notice we can choose parked etc)
  Domains: How many does the customer get with this product ie: 1
  SubDomains: How many does the customer get with this product ie: 1
  Disk Space (Mb): How many does the customer get with this product ie: 1
  Traffic / BW (Mb): How many does the customer get with this product ie: 1
  Databases: How many does the customer get with this product ie: 1
  MailBoxes (POP): How many does the customer get with this product ie: 1

For unlimited, use -1 as the number ~ it will be replaced with the text 'unlimited' on displays.

Be sure to save your settings after making your changes!

Free Products

phpCOIN is capable of handling "Free" products, although the Free and regular (paid) products cannot be mixed and displayed for ordering on the same page.

Create your "Free" product(s) and their associated vendors and paylinks, then from anywhere in your site link a word/image/side menu item/etc to the url: http://www.<>/mod.php?mod=orders&free=1

This will generate an order page with only the "Free" products listed on it.

Product Groups

To have phpCOIN display your products in "groups", set

Admin -> Parameters -> layout-> orders -> Order Form: Product List Size to 0

and set

Admin -> Parameters -> layout -> orders -> Orders: Group Products With Heading to YES.

Instead of a drop-down list for product selection, all the products will be displayed on-screen as radio buttons and grouped by the first word of Admin -> Parameters -> layout -> orders -> Order Form: Products Display Sequence and that word will also be used as a group title and that word will be removed from the description. So having "Windows: " and "Linux - " as the first words of the description wouidl allow you to "group" your Windows and Linux products

Unrelated Products

If you want to use phpCOIN to sell products and services that may be unrelated to each other, such as web hosting and accounting services, there are several possible solutions. You could do what I did:

1: In lang_base.php set $_LANG['_BASE']['User_Groups_01'] to be "Accounting"

2: Assign all accounting products to group 1

3: Have a link that sends people to the order form with ONLY the appropriate "group" products displayed. You can add "group=1" to a link

Web-surfers (ie: potential clients) would normally see the hosting products (because they are not assigned to any group), while existing accounting clients can also see the accounting products after I manually add that client to group 1.

You could repeat the "group" idea for as many different product types as you need.

A variation is to setup two phpCOIN sites but with both pointing at the same database, then on the accounting site add "group=1" to the "[Place Order] button and on the hosting site leave the button alone. The advantage of this method is that the [Place Order] button on each site will display a specific product group directly. The disadvantage is that the home page text for both sites would be identical. How do you make a generic home page to cover both hosting and accounting?

You could also not bother with groups, and instead have all products/services listed on the order form. In that case, follow the instructions under "Product Groups" above and phpCOIN will group the products by those headings.

The last option is to simply add text to the order form directing surfers to submit a COR (Custom Order Request), then edit the COR field titles in lang_orders.php

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