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According to the terms of the phpCOIN license, you may NOT remove or hide the "Powered by phpCOIN" statement that appears at the bottom of each page within phpCOIN, unless you can produce for inspection at any time an official notification from the developer of phpCOIN that:

  • He has received the removal fee of $50 US, and
  • You may therefore remove the "Powered by phpCOIN" statement.

The notification will be in the form of:

  • An email that you can print for a permanent record, and
  • An order (and license notation) on that you have purchased a license.

An authorization from anyone other than is fraudulent and NOT acceptable.

Please note that a donation, while very much appreciated, does not entitle you to remove the line. You must goto and "order" the actual footer removal product. Once your payment has been received, your login on will reflect the fact that you have a license, as well as the domain it is valid for.

Under no circumstances may you replace the "phpCOIN" part of "Powered by" with anything else. The website is powered by phpCOIN, not by your own script.

Beginning with v2.0.0, the fee will increase to $1,000 USD and phpCOIN will automatically remove the footer line if you have a license to remove it. If you do not have a license to remove it, then phpCOIN will automatically display the line, even if you removed it from the template.

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