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Server Info is where you describe the hosting server(s) that your company uses. phpCOIN installs two sample entries, so you can edit one of these or add your own. If you do not have this information, or are not sure what it being asked, then move to a less complex section and return to this section when you are more comfortable working with phpCOIN.

Server ID:  1  (auto assigned by phpCOIN)
Server Name:   (what do you call your server?)
IP Address:    (The public IP address of your webserver)
Nameserver 01:    (usually but not necessarily)
NS01 IP Address:  (Could be your webserver's IP address, or the
                  one given to you by your domain registrar or
                  DNS provider)
Nameserver 02:    (See comments for Nameserver 01)
NS02 IP Address:    (See comments for Nameserver 01)
Control Panel URL:   (Could be something like http://serveripaddress)
Control Panel Port:  (Some WHM installs use port 2086,
                      Plesk usually uses 8443, etc.)

Please note: The control panel URL is so you can log into the server to administer it. For users of WHM/cPanel it is the URL to your WHM account. If you use H-Sphere or Plesk or other product the URL is your admin area where you manage accounts, etc. It is not the URL to your website control panel (cPanel or similar) for managing your website.

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