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SiteInfo pages are the main content pages that phpCOIN displays to users. They are used for the 'index' page, the 'about us' page, and can be used for listing products and services or anything you wish to display to customers.

By default, the index page on a new phpCOIN installation states:

Welcome to your phpcoin install at
Installation should be completed, so be sure to read all associated docs. 
Your administrator username is webmaster and your password is your database password 
~ you should login and change the text of this page immediately.  
Thank you for trying out phpcoin.

Let's change this first. Click on the admin button at the top right of your page. Under the content list, click on SiteInfo Edit. A quicker method of getting to this screen is clicking the "pencil" icon next to the page title.

Generally, the "pencil" icon is a single-click shortcut to editing the content for
whatever page the icon is attached to.

Select Index from the drop down list. Edit this page accordingly (Something as simple as Under Construction for now,) and be sure to click on the save button to save your new settings.

For all siteinfo pages, the fields available are:

SI Group: The "group" this page belongs to. phpCOIN is capable of displaying
all pages in a group simultaneously.

SI Name: Page name (for listing purposes)

SI Seq No: Sort Order, for displaying multiple pages simultaneously.

SI Description: Displayed on listings so you have a better idea what the page is about.

Status: Whether the page is available to be displayed or not.  If you try to turn the
'index' page OFF, phpCOIN will assume that you have made a mistake and turn it back on again.

SI Block It: Whether or not to display the page content within a bordered area, like
the 'index' page on the phpCOIN demo site.

Title: The page title.

Code: The actual content of the page.  You may edit in html codes, or in WYSIWYG mode
if you have installed one of the add-on WYSIWYG editors (or if you are running phpCOIN v1.2.6
or higher.

Within the body of a SiteInfo page, phpCOIN v1.3.0 and higher recognizes several tags and will replace them at run-time with generated content. These tags are:

%PLANS_H% A horizontal hosting products comparison table
%PLANS_V% A vertical hosting products comparison table
%FORM_WHOIS% A WHOIS lookup form

In order to appear in the horizontal or vertical listing, the product "Domain Type" must be either 1 (Domain - Hosted) or 4 (Subdomain-Hosted). Only "hosted" products will appear in the "hosting plans" listings.

phpCOIN v1.4.0 also recognizes the following tags:

%GOOGLE_H% A horizontal Google AdSense ad
%GOOGLE_V% A vertical Google AdSense ad

To display a specific siteinfo page, you can call it with either the record id or the group and page name, like so:

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