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The HelpDesk is a system whereby a client can enter a request for support, and all subsequent messages to and from the client dealing with that issue will appear on a single web-page. Other issues will have their own web-page, thereby making it much easier to track support issues via phpCOIN than via email.

If a client does send an email rather than logging into phpCOIN, the /coin_cron/helpdesk.php file can be set to run via cron (scheduled task on Windows) as often as you want. It will check an email (POP or IMAP) box and if an email is an email address listed as a client or client additional email within phpCOIN, then phpCOIN will either create a new HelpDesk ticket, or append the email as the response to an existing ticket, as appropriate.

A logged-in admin can also add a ticket on behalf of a client if you enable [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [operation] -> [helpdesk] -> [HelpDesk Admin: Admin Can Enter Tickets]. phpCOIN will treat these tickets exactly as if they were entered by that logged-in client.

Another option is to show in the information for a ticket the username of each admin that added a response to the ticket, or to leave the generic "support" as the responder. Enabling the admin makes it easier in larger organizations to track down who did what. The option can be enable/disabled in [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [operation] -> [helpdesk] -> [HelpDesk Admin: Reveal Admin Identity]

By default, every email dealing with a helpdesk issue will contain the original request as well as every subsequent response. This has the potential to make messages quite long, so phpCOIN has an option to limit the number of responses appended to the message, as well as specify the number of responses to append. These settings are located at [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [operation] -> [helpdesk] -> [HelpDesk Reply: Limit Messages Sent] and [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [operation] -> [helpdesk] -> [Helpdesk Reply: Email Messages Limit ]

Another option is to send an email to a pager when a support ticket is entered. Enabling/Disabling this option, as well as specifying the email/pager address to receive the message, is found at [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [enable] -> [helpdesk] -> [Helpdesk TT Alert Email: Enable] and [Admin] -> [Parameters] -> [operation] -> [helpdesk] -> [HelpDesk TT Alert Email: Address]

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