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phpCOIN is a WebWare application, especially suited for anyone that needs to track clients and/or support requests and/or orders and/or invoices. The general label of billing manager or client manager does not really describe phpCOIN because it performs various other tasks not found in these common packages. phpCOIN provides additional CMS functions such as articles, contact forms, FAQ, content pages, site search, admin defined side menu columns (customized down to the individual link for access by all, client, or admin), and much more.

It is a free application that was originally written for web-hosts, so the majority of our users are web-hosts. Nevertheless, phpCOIN is so versatile that we also have accountants, lawyers, and a school band using it.

The main functionality of phpCOIN is:

  • Present products and/or services to surfers for information and purchase.
  • During the ordering process, collect required client information, and direct them to the appropriate third party billing vendor by means of PayLinks.
  • Send manual and/or automatic billing invoices to the client.
  • Generate account activation email for the client, to convey pertinent setup information.
  • Allow the site owner to track client information, orders history, billing history (invoices), support request history (helpdesk), email history, domains history, and more.
  • Allow the client to track information regarding orders history, billing history (invoices), support request history (helpdesk), email history, domains history.
  • Provide a means for the site owner to contact clients (all or individual) via email.
  • Provide additional modules to permit the site admin to present additional information to the potential / existing client.
  • Provide theme support for customization through basic function editing and CSS modifications.
  • Provide support for language files.
  • "Domain" and/or WHOIS Lookup functionality can be turned off (as can everything else except clients), which means that phpCOIN can be used to handle any type of business.

phpCOIN is webware, which means that it is a set of scripts written in php that interfaces with a MySQL database and runs on a web-server.

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