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Technically speaking, and barring any issues, a working install of phpCOIN requires the following steps:

  1. Edit the config.php with the appropriate values for your database connection.
  2. Upload your files to your webserver
  3. Browse to your website - auto set-up takes over from there.
  4. phpCOIN is now installed, and depending on the web-browser it usually takes you to the Edit Company Information page.

Once installed, however, there are a few steps you must go through to complete your configuration. Please also note that phpCOIN v1.3.1 and lower installs in Test mode so this must be turned off before going live. Below are the steps required to make your configuration complete and ready for operation.

  1. Change Company Information
  2. Edit Server Info
  3. Edit SiteInfo Pages (Index etc.)
  4. Edit Email Contacts
  5. Create Products
  6. Create Vendors
  7. Create PayLinks
  8. Unless you handle only the .com .net and .org TLDs, you will also want to configure your WHOIS Lookups
  9. Edit the $_CCFG['SITE_FOOTER_EMAIL_WEBMASTER'] variable in /coin_lang/lang_english/lang_config.php to change "webmaster@phpcoin.com" to your own info
  10. Add or edit Meta Tags - page title, description and keywords
  11. Setup invoice automation via Cron
  12. Test everything - create a dummy client to test ordering etc.
  13. Add existing clients via the 'Order' process as if you were that client placing an order ~ it creates the client record, domain record (if necessary), order record and invoice record simultaneously. See Entering Historical Data for more details on this step.
  14. Confirm that phpCOIN is no longer in DEMO/TEST mode at Admin -> Parameters -> common -> operation (This feature was removed in phpCOIN v1.4.0)
  15. Launch your website.

Steps 1) through 8) are all done via the Admin Command Centre - details are listed in the Set-up and Configuration section of this site.

Steps 9) to 11) require editing files as well as changes within the Admin Command Centre. Since you are editing php files it is recommended that you use a *nix style editor - pspad is a freeware product that works very well.

There are a host of other configuration choices you can make, like changing your theme, but they are not necessary for a working install of phpCOIN. Feel free to examine all the various options in Admin.

Please do take some time to familiarize yourself with the various options available to you in the Admin > Parameters - at least half the support questions we receive on the forums are from users who have not bothered to look through the parameters.

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