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The Default Logo

When you install phpCOIN, it has a phpCOIN logo that will display on the website and on invoices. The phpCOIN logo is for display purposes only. You are expected and encouraged to utilize your own logo on all web-sites and in all communications.

The Website Logo

The four default themes built-in to phpCOIN will display a logo on the website. Third-Party themes may or may not display the logo on the website.

Place your custom logo in the /coin_themes/xxxxx/images folder, where xxxxx is the name of each theme that you may want to use. The image can be a .jpg or a .jpeg or a .gif or a .png or a .bmp (and will be searched for in that order). You will need one logo image for each theme that you wish to use.

The image filename must be specified in Admin -> Parameters -> theme-> layout -> Site- Page Logo Filename

If you give each logo the same filename, you can switch themes and phpCOIN will automatically use the "new" logo for that theme without you having to do anything else. This makes it easy to have "color-coordinated" logos.

The Invoice Logo

On each on-screen invoice, phpCOIN will automatically display a logo if the image exists.

Place your custom invoice logo in the ~/coin_themes/<the theme you have selected>/images/ folder and call it "" where xxx is one of .jpg or .jpeg or .gif or .png or .bmp (in that order).

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